Apple made a Robot...and I got to test it.

I tested Apple's Improved Daisy Robot - But how good IS it? Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • JerryRigEverything

    So freaking cool. Nice work Apple!

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru

    These videos just keep getting better and better 🙌

  • Xavier

    Didn't even know Apple even had a facility in the Netherlands, very informative vid nonetheless, keep up the good work Arun!

  • Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa

    I love that Apple is doing this however, the carbon neutrality thing is sometimes BS because if you take your own emissions into consideration but not the suppliers emissions you can always "outsource" the emissions to entities that are not controlled.

  • zollotech

    Thanks for the tour of Daisy. Great to see all the details.

  • PuzzLEGO

    props to arun for wearing the iconic steve jobs turtleneck inside the apple facility lol

  • Ellie

    I’m still waiting for when Arun reviews every rickroll device available

  • Zahraalhussein

    I was looking at the Apple site yesterday, and I was surprised to see that you can actually trade in your old phone and get a desirable amount of money back for it. And now Daisy! It's honeslty a really cool concept that can not only save money, but also help the environment. Thanks for the vid Arun! Learned a lot of cool things!

  • Samwel Ehr marsha
    Samwel Ehr marsha

    Think you could have also mentioned repairability of these devices - It's reduce -> reuse -> recycle in that order

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Never heard of Daisy until today, and I am really impressed!

  • Martin of some name
    Martin of some name

    It would also help a lot to make phones (and devices in general) more repearable instead of setting up deliberate repair obstructions (e.g. pairing components to each other), and incentivising the consumers to have their devices repaired instead of replaced.

  • gaijininja

    Apple’s habit of making their phones only “repairable” (ie, swapped with another one.) by their own repair centres, is that they are built not to be taken apart. Crazy idea, build things to be disassembled at the end of service life, so robots like Daisy have a much easier time doing it, with less waste. Also, if Apple programs into Daisy the specs for competitor devices, they can also scavenge materials from the competitors.

  • MrUnknown

    I swear one of these times he's just gonna bring in the real Rick Astley just to Rick roll us.

  • SunRa GAMING
    SunRa GAMING

    This is amazing, Arun has come so far from tech reviews to the actual Apple factory itself. This is truly something else. Keep it up man your amazing !!!!!

  • Jerry Inyang
    Jerry Inyang

    "The third module is all about screwing" 😅. I repeated that part a whole lot of times.

  • Mi Samsung
    Mi Samsung

    I've hung on to several phones well past their sell by date because they kept on working for the things that I used them for. The problem with keeping older phones is that A) the OS stops getting updated and B) apps stop working because of the old OS. My Apple 3S works fine and I've been using it as an ipod. My current phone is a 5S works fine but some apps are stopping working with the old OS. Yes it is great to keep an older phone as long as you can but the companies don't help when they make their older phones obsolete

  • Gabriel KG
    Gabriel KG

    AWESOME!!! It would be so cool if you could do a tour of a smartphone factory as well, so we can see where, how, and under what working conditions smartphones are made! If consumers are more aware of where their products are coming from, they might be more motivated to use phones for longer before getting a new one, helping the environment!

  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Hopefully, with this tech, the latest iPhones would be under $500 in the future🤭

  • plushycat

    Your channel has been my favorite, Arun. Honestly, nothing can beat your dedication to spreading awareness in a way that's always interesting for the end user. At this point, I'd just come for the rickrolls but your content and overall presentation together with em rickrolls are yin and yang.

  • Jay Shah
    Jay Shah

    As always, Arun made another great video! He started as a small tech AReyer and now he is at an Apple factory, reviewing robots.