Is Sony finally better than Samsung?

Sony's brand new Xperia 1 IV is here! But how does it compare to the similarly priced Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Check out Mine here:
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  • MrUnknown

    Sony is the definition of "he's a little confused, but he's got the spirit" when it comes to phones

  • Arturo Fuentes
    Arturo Fuentes

    Honestly I want Sony to succeed in making smartphones

  • A D
    A D

    The fact that they have an SD card slot, a headphone jack, an innovative zoom and very clever specs is why I love Sony smartphones.

  • Loki D. Wolf
    Loki D. Wolf

    I remember back in the early 2000's when Sony Ericsson had designs for phones and they looked awesome. But, nothing ever came of them. Which was so disappointing! Still, nice to see them still in the fight! Because I love their products. I'm from the Walkman days. And Sony dominated!

  • Davi 85
    Davi 85

    I remember in 2014 buying the Sony Xperia Z3, I loved that phone, nobody else I knew had one and it looked and felt like a much more premium built android flagship compared to most of the competition then and had some great features for it's time, just a clean design, also makes me think of my other favorite brand of Androids at that same period the HTC M's, my HTC 10 was the last of the great HTC Flagship devices, hope Sony keeps pushing forward in the smartphone arena, they make cool designs and offer an alternative.

  • AllanJH

    Personally, I have been very frustrated with newer smartphone cameras moving away from camera-like interfaces and function, and I like that Sony is using a more photographer-focused UI that leaves the editing to the user.

  • milktaster84

    I really want to see Sony succeed in the smartphone market, great review Arun!

  • Bruno Begic
    Bruno Begic

    I remember having the Xperia Z3 back in the day. Best phone I've ever had. Thinking about giving this thing a try but I feel like it costs $300 more than it should. Hopefully the price will drop a bit in the next few months.

  • Ryan Steele
    Ryan Steele

    I actually like how they made it feel like an alpha camera with it's settings in the phone camera. I wish my S22 Ultra had that Sony layout. I would love this camera almost as much as my Sony SLR.

  • Marvis TV
    Marvis TV

    The thing about the image quality which is explained fairly well in this video, but not well enough is that the phone itself is meant for professional use, they don't focus on the utomatic features of the camera, because learning how to use the manual settings is quite easy on this phone, AND once you learn to use them, it competes with the iPhone 13 Pro Max easily! The potential in this phone is so much bigger than most people see, and Sony will definitely become much bigger now!

  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen

    I've been and still using Sony phones since my very first phone, by that time it was a Sony Ericsson, so almost 15 years now. Even though I am always supporting Sony, it's undeniable that they are not able to compete with the other phones like iPhone, Samsung or Huawei in some features, but overall, they keep their spirit. I hope they can get back to the race with more creative innovations, instead of just focusing on camera hardware (which is, by the way, already top).

  • Skye Diann
    Skye Diann

    Sony's been in the business a long time, I genuinely hope this is the start of them finally becoming competative.

  • Damian Mansueto
    Damian Mansueto

    The problem with Sony's phone is that by the time they arrive on the stores, the competition may have a new model already. Yep they are very slow on logistics their phone to the stores.

  • S S A y o
    S S A y o

    Here's my thoughts on the modern phone cameras. Too artificial. When I am looking at an object I expect the camera to take the exact picture. Not just make the thing bright, flashy new. People just made it standard for phone cameras to recreate the picture in attractive way. I appreciate the improvements of the Ai and technology but making things unrealistic is not something I prefer. Almost all of us like to live in a false world.

  • verbosity9

    I have an older Sony phone (Xperia XZ2) and I have to say that Sony really know how to create a great interface, this is easily the smartest and easiest to use phone that I have ever owned, hopefully they are still leading the way there. In theory Sony should have a decent advantage for audio and video too.

  • Hamidur rahman
    Hamidur rahman

    My first smartphone was Sony Ericson Xperia Mini. That was a legend. After using so many phones I still remember how good it was.

  • Gerald Allen Rodríguez
    Gerald Allen Rodríguez

    I bought my first Sony Xperia when I was in high school, it was the Xperia Z, I completely loved that phone and it is still working (obviously not great), then got the Z3 Plus (still working pretty well), when Sony decided to disappear from pretty much 90% of the global market I had decide which brand I was going to move to, went for iPhone, hated the UI, hated the OS, hated how overpriced everything was, got rid of it quickly, then I decided to try Samsung, it's the brand I'm currently using, not bad, but not even close to Sony, I am a 100% sure my next phone well be an Xperia again, those phones are the only ones that I feel that meets all of my standards.

  • Pond

    I just bought the S22 Ultra, upgraded from an S9+. I've only just heard about this Sony phone and while I certainly wouldn't swap it, I really want to try it out. Headphone jack, SD CARD, that is big thing, I want an SD card. It's display is 4k, more than the Ultra. It's processor is Snapdragon, which is apparently better than my Exynos Ultra. If I had money I'd buy both.

  • Stephen Fienberg
    Stephen Fienberg

    20 years ago, who would have ever thought we would be describing Sony's phone department as a small/niche team considering the consumer electronics behemoth they once were (and still are with the Playstation and cameras).

  • Eduardo Rolón
    Eduardo Rolón

    Every complaint I heard was regarding the average consumer experience. I feel this is more geared toward the professional that really knows how to get the best from their equipment. For example you mentioned no night mode but clearly it's in the pro app if you use the settings to get the desired look you want to achieve. I think Sony is doing good in their approach. This phone is definitely geared to a specific consumer/professional market or those interested in learning about it.