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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    10 MILLION - Crank up that volume and enjoy this special video! ❤

  • SpawnPoiint

    Congratulations Arun. Really proud of what you’ve achieved! Hyped for this!

  • Chris Minton
    Chris Minton

    Congrats man been following you since the beginning. I have to say that despite all of your success your are very humble and genuine and that comes across in your videos. They say there is no I in team and that has never been more apparent in this video. You say "we" and include all your behind the scene guys. They do a great job as well. Congrats again to the whole team. I say when you hit 20 million you start handing put cars like a AReye Oprah.

  • Azy's TechLab
    Azy's TechLab

    The best moment of this video begins at

  • Ashbright Samuel
    Ashbright Samuel

    Congratulations Arun.I'm so glad this channel is growing so well ,great to see a channel get the recognition they deserve .Can't wait to see where this channel goes from here.

  • Shahmir

    Congrats on 10 million you deserved more than this!

  • JPS Playz
    JPS Playz

    Congratulations , Man !

  • Dental Digest
    Dental Digest

    Congratulations Arun!! Keep Creating Incredible Content !

  • Aliha Araf
    Aliha Araf

    I remember when I first started watching your videos and at that point I knew you were one of the best tech AReyers out there. You were very clear and concise and made your videos very entertaining. I am so proud of how far you have come and I can’t wait to see you grow even more in the future

  • Technology & Life
    Technology & Life

    I would like to say congratulations and thank you to you and the whole team . Very well deserved achievement and surely more steps to take in that direction. Tech review with smile it's the perfect reason for watching your videos every time.

  • Ci

    Man, you really deserve this, the big 10 million

  • Randy Willis
    Randy Willis

    Well you have thoroughly inspired me to be an aspiring content creator myself. The level of professionalism, fun, and thorough knowledge about tech is commendable. I love how you put thought and authenticity in everything from your name to the pretty sick outro. I mean Arun you (and your team) totally deserve the recognition of your guy's journey to 10 million subscribers... In a way I'm glad and honored to be apart of it as a faithful subscriber, I love your content and will keep supporting you (and your team) with that like button. Keep doing what you're doing and know that you honestly planted the seed for me to be an ambitious content creator. Hopefully one day I can get sub from you as well as your support on my journey to 🎉10 million 🎉. "Thank you, and I'll see you in the next one. " Sincerely,


    Congrats man. We all knew from the beginning you had what it takes but to become one of the best ever you really showed all of us how to do it. Keep killing it!

  • Techie Leopard
    Techie Leopard

    This guy can Rickroll us without making us mad. That's an achivement.

  • Zachary Green
    Zachary Green

    ya know what, good for you and your whole team. you deserve all of this and much more. i know this comment wont be much but man. i tune into the channel not to often but to see a tech channel like this become so big and not just caring about himself but his whole team. good on you and hope more of you all.

  • Jesse Pagcaliwagan
    Jesse Pagcaliwagan

    Wow! I've been watching your vids since 2019 and I deeply love how your channel grow and how you've influence my preference in tech. Looking forward to your wonderful ideas and insights about tech. With much love

  • dodo Jean
    dodo Jean

    keep up the good work all the love to you guys 🥰


    The very first day I saw your reviews I love it for one thing, seeing you it's like it's in you! You enjoy your work and we love it.

  • DingusPods

    Congratulations Arun! Really proud of what you’ve achieved!

  • seyi adebayo
    seyi adebayo

    The last two minutes got me emotional, honestly, there's no other persons video I look forward to on AReye like yours... Well detailed always, kudos, thank you for always giving me good content.