I bought the strangest smartphones ever.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosethebossسنوات قبل

    I think I need to stop making these videos 😂

  • Aaron Worsnop
    Aaron Worsnopسنوات قبل

    I've set a budget of 2 dollars and today we'll be reviewing the strangest paper clips


    I love how he buys smartphones like they are pencils 😂

  • Respect!
    Respect!سنوات قبل

    At this point, the wish theme feels like a rickroll

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado
    I'm a motherfreaking avocado

    I love how distracted he gets when shopping on Wish, he's just like "Yep, buying phones... Ooh, gotta get me this mug"

  • Raiq GG
    Raiq GGسنوات قبل

    That washable phone doesn't seem like a weird idea now tbh due to the pandemic people end up cleaning there phones with alcohol many times, it would be a lot easier if I could just wash my phone along with my hands.

  • Severinsen

    The thermal camera phone seems to be a work phone made for trade workers, like electricians and builders. It would certainly be quite handy for them!

  • Emilnot
    Emilnotسنوات قبل

    “I bought the strangest smartphones in the world”

  • sublime
    sublimeسنوات قبل

    Hes so good at rickrolling us, he even draw-rickrolled us.

  • Jiwoo Park
    Jiwoo Parkسنوات قبل

    Arun: "Light side, or dark side? Yeah let's get both."

  • Darryl Forbes
    Darryl Forbes

    The projector phone is actually interesting. I could myself using it as a makeshift projector so I wouldn’t have to pass my phone around to everyone for them to see something.

  • DemGlow
    DemGlowسنوات قبل

    My father still uses a blackberry passport. He says it's the best phone he's ever had. Bear in mind he's old fashioned 😂

  • Dido Playz
    Dido Playz

    My question: Do you keep everything you buy in videos? If so can you make a video going through it all? (Unless you already did and I haven't seen that video, but if not please do)

  • Jacob Bin Ojo
    Jacob Bin Ojoسنوات قبل

    My friend: Hey bro what's your phone called again?

  • James Sinclair
    James Sinclairسنوات قبل

    The coca cola phone and the other miniature phones are generally used to be carried into prison. In your prison pocket.

  • Aiodensghost
    Aiodensghostسنوات قبل

    draws the Rick roll meme on the LCD

  • ThisIsntLincoln

    "I bought the strangest smartphones ever"

  • Ivan

    Would love a more in-depth review of the night-vision and infrared phones. What a great feature. Imagine being out in the park and suddenly realizing it's pitch dark and you don't know if there's scary people around. You'd feel totally safe.

  • shitt_ snacker
    shitt_ snacker

    I’d love a full review of all of these phones! Obviously that would be a lot of work, but I’m most curious about that tiny one! What is the audio/microphone like? What features does it have? Does it have 4G? I’m just so curious haha!

  • bruh
    bruhسنوات قبل

    Man has "Who is the boss?" written in Japanese on his shirt... Actual legend