Apple’s 2022 products are even CRAZIER than you think.

My Honest thoughts on everything announced by Apple in their March 2022 Peek Performance event - new iPhone SE 2022, Mac Studio, M1 Ultra, Studio Display and iPad Air! Enter the giveaway by following at the links below!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What was your favourite product from the event? 😁

  • Geo

    The way you list your points and go through everything logically make your videos so much more engaging than other tech channels🔥

  • Shut Up Bro
    Shut Up Bro

    I used to sell phones at Best Buy and in my experience, the iPhone SE is for people who want a phone that just works. Usually older people would purchase it simply because it is reliable, familiar, and their family owns iPhones (which means they get iMessage and their family can help them with any tech issues). The A15 is also nice because the target market tends to keep their phone for a long time, and the better chip ensures better performance long term. I feel like 5G is just thrown in there to future proof the device and because 5g is kinda a buzzword that makes the phone sound better. Also I could be wrong, but I believe 5g antennas usually have more reliable 4g signals than standard 4g antennas. Overall I think it's just meant to be a reliable easy to recommend device. Yeah you can buy a cheaper android with "better specs" but the overall experience for what the market will use the phone for will be much better

  • Brewergamer

    When it comes to the iPhone SE, many don't realize that there is still alot of people who very much prefer the home button. Several of my older relatives would rather have an iPhone with the home button over the faceID. The SE has been a great affordable gift I can give to family members as well, I honestly hope they make a Plus version.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Arun did an amazing job in breaking down and explaining the Apple Event, absolutely loved this video!

  • UKD

    The most surprising announcement to me was the Mac Studio. I mean, they've literally managed to squeeze the power of the Mac Pro, which cost $15,000 and was like half the size of a microwave, into a salad bowl-sized package that costs $8000. I remember this moment at the launch event when I looked at the size, mouth halfway open, and the being so surprised about the specs that I nearly spilt the cup of tea in my hand!

  • Deathtoindia

    Is it just me idk but iPhones look extremely satisfying, it feels like I could just stare at their design and appreciate them

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    I didn't bother watching apples event, I knew I'd get a better summary here. Thanks for the info!

  • Lisan Bradshaw
    Lisan Bradshaw

    I can't believe it only took you a day to make this video!! You worked your butt off to make this good of content and we appreciate it

  • Asura

    Can we just appreciate the quality of the video production as well as the hard work/ dedication Arun puts into his videos. Its just insane.

  • Alexander Selivanov
    Alexander Selivanov

    Great video! I want to raise a question: “Is there anyway regular user will need that amount of power?” Not talking about apple specifically but about the Chip performance race in whole.

  • William Taker
    William Taker

    These look like very exciting pieces of technology. Thanks for the summary. I think tech fans of any persuasion will be intrigued by these technology gains.

  • PieFPV

    Love your videos, I just wanted to say about the Iphone SE line. the company I worked for only uses iphones. so for front line workers that need a phone but not all the "features" get issued a Iphone SE. the fact that apple hasn't changed the external size makes it great for companies that don't update all the time, the same cases and accessories, (rugged cases, scanners etc) will work with the new SE version. I've seen smart phones used for inventory control or scanning concert tickets. if i own a business the SE is going to be the most cost effective Iphone for my workers

  • The Codfather
    The Codfather

    Honestly you and your team are just levels ahead with your editing and video work. We appreciate the content and hard work you and the guys put in 🔥 😍

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T

    The new Mac Studio is an absolute beast and I love that they are using in interconnect on their silicon now (AMD has been doing this for a few years)

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X

    Always a fan of your videos Arun! You offer so much more than a review, you offer deep analysis and insights we’d never think of, way beyond the marketing of the ‘INCREDIBLE’ (quote Apple) products. No other tech AReyer, or any AReyer at all, can beat the level of your ingenuity. Supporting you always!!!

  • Krogan Popy
    Krogan Popy

    I wonder if Apple's ever going to try to bring back the Apple console. On this time it's actually designed by them and is running a redesigned version of MacOS, so it's completely compatible with MacOS devices. Plus, since it would be running a redesigned version of MacOS, it would essentially be a gaming computer. I hope with the advent of the Apple VR headset, something like this comes to fruition.

  • Stuart Bernholc
    Stuart Bernholc

    As a semiconductor industry analyst by trade, you're drawing some incorrect inferences about the power of the m1 ultra. It's atop tier chip. Miles better than what's been in a mac until now, but in terms of a desktop chip where the only consumers that care a lot about power efficiency (crypto miners, server farmers etc) aren't going to be buying a mac in the first place... it does worse in single core performance than intel's new 12900k while being beaten in multi-core by a last generation threadripper to say nothing of the current gen releasing now. I'd argue that the intel chip makes better trade-offs for most peoples use-cases for a cheaper system price, to say nothing of tasks the m1 ultra is just not capable of, like gaming. Threadripper systems can get more expensive than some configs of this so you have trade-offs, but also if you org cares about upgrade costs, you will be able to upgrade the threadripper system piece by piece. There are some configs for multi-threaded workloads where the mac is the best bang for the buck at a certain performance level.

  • Pann

    I love it when Arun starts diversifying his content instead of just focusing on smartphones.

  • mac23806

    That was a pretty good product review, I'm not much of a apple user never have been but I am very impressed with the Mac studio