Samsung S22 Ultra vs S21 / iPhone 13 Pro Max / Pixel 6 Pro / Xiaomi 12 Pro Battery Life Drain Test!

Full battery life drain test of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Xiaomi 12 Pro! For the S22 Ultra vs iPhone Camera comparison:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    After watching the test I wanna ask a question - has your opinion on the S22 Ultra changes since it was first announced, having seen the results of these tests?

  • Elite Enayet
    Elite Enayet

    The Timer Phone is always the Winner 😂

  • ScrubbaSaurusRex

    My goodness, your team is phenomenal. You guys have absolutely nailed every aspect of viewer retention with your video edits. They are so crisp and clean. I love every single video I watch! Thank you guys for putting all the work in that you do! 🤩

  • Nielsf2704

    The iPhone is just amazing for having the smallest battery, but still has the longest lasting battery. It proves how good Apple’s chips are when it comes to efficiency, however the software still plays a bigger role when it comes to efficiency.

  • ramdinga liana
    ramdinga liana

    I'm still amazed at how Apple has achieved such efficiency in battery life in their IPhones, considering how small the batteries are put into the IPhones. If only Apple had put 5000 mAh battery into the IPhone 13 pro, it could have lasted for more than 13/14 hrs SoT. However, if only the IPhones, especially the latest ones like IPhone 13 series could have supported super fast charging like the Android counterparts do, at least 50W to 70W fast charger, if not the super fast 120W supported by the latest Xiaomi phones

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Can you do the same tests after 1 year of standard usage ? Curious to see how long the battery stays good for

  • Aljex
    Aljex21 أيام قبل

    As a pixel 6 Pro user, I would say this is about right. I often find my phone gets slightly warmer and the battery life is just average, not great. Not surprised to see it being the phone with the least battery life. It wouldn't put me off getting it though, it's still plenty good enough for not having to worry but you definitely can drain the battery quite quickly if you're trying hard.

  • SilverWatchdog

    The iPhone 13 Pro max has really impressed me in terms of battery life. I don't think there was a single day that it died in the 4 months of me using it, and I consider myself quite the power user. Compared to my previous iPhone 11 which barely made it through the day with light usage, it's miles better. Also finally getting 120hz on my phone is also a very welcomed change. It's definitely quite a solid upgrade over the 11 and earlier and apple definitely stepped their game up on every single aspect on this phone. Can't really complain about any part of it.

  • William Taker
    William Taker

    Good video. I like how you clearly labelled each phone while running the test to make it easy for the viewer to see which is which. The only thing missing is a list/table with all results summarised neatly for the viewer. Nevertheless, great content and keep up the good work.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    These tests are just brilliant,you get to learn a lot from it , and the amount of effort and TIME that goes into this is crazy, props to you Arun

  • Disco Jellyfish
    Disco Jellyfish

    For those who care about the Xiaomi 12 Pro - its especially the software which makes this phone not last this long. So if you actually dive deeper into the software and want to max out the battery life you might even want to go as far and install a custom ROM once these roll out for the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Its alot like this with Xiaomis devices. MIUI is beautiful and all - but its really full of unnecessary bloatware. The Battery Life with stock software should be way more than good enough for most users though. And who cars anyway - you can do a FULL charge in 18 minutes - not just advertised but also realistically. But you can increase it by a lot by installing the better software made by developers who dont even want money for making it, while its also open source.


    Can't believe I found this channel back in 2021, awesome content and love how you deliver it! On another note would love to see manufactures build 'smallish' phones such as the S10e, I always find it hard not to get anything bigger on my every 2 year recycle of phone.

  • frederikskotre

    Just switched from the 21 ultra to a iPhone 13, and I can't stress enough how impressed I am with the life of the iPhone battery, even more so because it's not even apples best phone!

  • Ziyaad Adam
    Ziyaad Adam

    I’d love to see all these flagship run a battery test using low power mode from the start and see how that extends the battery life daily. How much more legs does turning on the low power feature give the phones.

  • Abdul Raheem Zaidi
    Abdul Raheem Zaidi

    I think you should have a category named charge/discharge ratio

  • I_quacker_I

    What I find interesting is that the S22 Ultra I bought had fairly average battery life in the first few days, but now has become a lot better. Great review either way.

  • Gábor Juhász
    Gábor Juhász

    Would LOVE to see the same test with the Qualcomm version of the S22 tbh. And then once again at their native resolution too, instead of the downscaled FHD+. Any chance that could happen? Please? For science? 🙏

  • Eric Michel
    Eric Michel2 ساعات قبل

    It was my understanding that the Samsung is setup to provide maximum performance right out of the box, so every chip function is turned on at 100%. Then as you use the phone it learns what parts you do and do not use and over a couple of weeks it optimizes functions to significantly improve battery life. Many owners are reporting significantly improved battery life after 2-3 weeks of usage. Perhaps a retest would be interesting?

  • Tommy

    It would be good to see the same battery test with the Snapdragon S22u variant. In term of processor efficiency which one is better between Exynos and Snapdragon

  • Daniel

    That is phenomenal performance from the iPhone.. their software optimization and hardware efficiency is clearly still wayyy ahead of competition