Can a CHEAP 2022 Smartphone beat a 2020 Flagship? 😱

Cheap Budget Affordable 2022 Smartphones - Samsung A53, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+, OPPO Find X5 Lite, vs 2020 Flagship phones - which wins? Check out Morning Brew:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I'm BACK! Took a bit of time off to re-energise and reflect, but I think it's time to put the foot on the pedal now 😁

  • MrUnknown

    Arun: Old flagship or new mid range?

  • Matt92 Machine
    Matt92 Machine

    Man, I can't believe the S20 Ultra lost that much value in just two years. I remember how crazy expensive it was at launch.

  • E Tetzlaff
    E Tetzlaff

    Been watching you for years and it has been amazing seeing you pass 10,000,000 subs! Keep up the GREAT work from the US! (P.S. Josh did a great job on your hair!)

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    Always go for a previous year flagship if the price is good. They always have amazing hardware and feel premium. They perform good too. The budget ones just don't have the same performance and reliability. I have used old flagships and they last you longer. On the other hand, the cheap one's i bought, start giving problems after a year or two. They just don't have that quality

  • Dick Carlsonsitt
    Dick Carlsonsitt

    Honestly, I'm surprised that my Poco F1 running Pixel Experience still feels like a 2022 midranger in terms of general use. The only major difference is the high refresh rate and better AMOLED quality.

  • Anon

    After doing 2 days of research I came to the same conclusions as this guy. Get an older flagship. I would also say that in terms of hardware the flagships completely dominate, it isnt a tie like he suggested. Fingerprint sensors, facial unlock, wireless charging,

  • SK5

    Ahh, the long awaited sequel to cheap 2020 phone vs 2018 flagship, great video as always! 👍 Also watching this on an Oppo Find X2 Pro, happy to see it beating the modern midrangers!

  • DavidM21

    I like how an A52s is a year older than an A53 and it's faster, has a headphone jack, comes with a charger in the box, and is cheaper.

  • Weslley


  • Sergio Rocha
    Sergio Rocha

    Great video as always, however I have my own thoughts about it.

  • 10K Challenge with 0 video
    10K Challenge with 0 video

    I love how you have divided the whole colour palette of Green and Red

  • mayorofsfc

    Glad you addressed software support and battery life. Not many reviewers mention those things and those are pretty important.

  • Bladrook

    I think one of the big factors you missed was that in most countries the prices of older flagships do not go down that much.

  • AtlantiCore

    S20 Ultra is still 700-800$

  • OnyxBurst YT
    OnyxBurst YT

    And now I'm going to wait the sequel; "Can a 2024 Midrange beat a 2022 g

  • Darren Scarlet
    Darren Scarlet

    Just wanted to say that if you pick mid rangers from certain other brands from similar price ranges as the ones shown in this video, there are multiple that have the 12 GB ram 256GB memory with simply superior benchmarks.

  • OnceAPunAThyme

    Excellent video and I would agree with your conclusion but.... Security updates. While flagships are sometimes way better at frequency of security updates, assuming you're buying from a brand that cares about updates I'd rather go with the two year newer midrange phone. Also, Android updates. Battery, battery, battery, battery - surely that deserves much greater emphasis, doubly so in that flagships are more power hungry.

  • Stefan Ilie
    Stefan Ilie

    I always had flagship phones which I used them quite a while before replacing, I now have a S20 Plus which I bought in 2020 and before that I had a Huawei P10. Love the way a flagship phone feels and performs and I don't mind getting a new flagship every 4 years or so.

  • Laur Popa
    Laur Popa

    my first "proper" smartphone was the samsung s6, after many years i've swapped it for a samsung s20 late last year, and I won't change it too soon, my point: I prefer to buy a 1 year old flagship and use it for a 4-5 years, than get a mid range and change it after 2 years