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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I'm hoping this video will blow you away! SO much work has gone into it, and SO many people have been fed because of it 😂

  • naveen c
    naveen c

    Quick fact: He's gonna sell them all to Shaq later cause all the things are standard size to Shaq.

  • Rexlog _
    Rexlog _

    Him: we’re gonna spend 10K on giant tech products in the next 4 mins.

  • Triv27
    Triv272 ساعات قبل

    Yes, you definitely need to fill the lighter with fluid. They are shipped empty for safety reasons. The smoke you were getting was because you were burning up the dry wick.

  • Yusuf Banna
    Yusuf Banna10 ساعات قبل

    I really appreciate this Shaq episode and the effort that went into making it. normal looking things scaled up seems much like mr.beast kinda thing. think u got inspired by him.

  • Rev Jear
    Rev Jear

    Respect to the fact that he donated the PC cake to the homeless in his city. A very wholesome act.

  • Arihant Bhattacharjee
    Arihant Bhattacharjee18 ساعات قبل


  • SavvyNotFound

    Arun: ok now it’s time for the mouse pad!

  • petiertje M
    petiertje M

    This video was 'great ' to watch.

  • Chris Minton
    Chris Minton

    With other people who try similar videos I feel like they are really just trying to low key flex their bank accounts. With your channel though it just comes off as genuine. I can imagine you and your friends seeing a giant candy bar and then saying let's try to find all the big things we can. Big fan of these videos along with your lists of smartphone gadgets and other everyday tech. Merry Merry to you and your family.

  • MaddiesMemes

    I love all the hard work you put onto you vids and all the money just to entertain us you do amazing every time you are amazing keep up the good work and its also amazing how much time you put in the all you posts

  • Experiment IV
    Experiment IV

    my dad has a light bulb that size that’s actually an incandescent light bulb, all in one piece. he used to work at an incandescent light bulb manufacturing plant, so he didn’t even have to pay too much. he made it into a desk lamp. i think he’s plugged it in once, but it doesn’t matter. the filament is ENORMOUS and it’s beautiful

  • Yoshikage Joestar
    Yoshikage Joestar2 ساعات قبل

    The possibilities of what can happen if John Wick gets his hands on that pencil scares me.

  • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs
    The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    I didn't know the energy efficiency rating of a product could be as low as a G

  • Initials JD
    Initials JD

    Respect Arun for giving the homeless people in your city this awesome cake! 🎂

  • Ellie. M
    Ellie. M

    I love how he is looking for giant tech and then a few minutes later he is looking at giant toblerones, giant lighters and giant tools

  • Troy Gaines
    Troy Gaines23 ساعات قبل

    Mrwhosetheboss: “How often do you get to see a 44 incher?”

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan

    This was an awesome video, really interesting and really fun. Love how excited Arun is lol.

  • Huey Rx
    Huey Rx

    When I seen the PC cake. My mind automatically thought he spent his entire budget on just the computer 😂

  • Allesandro B
    Allesandro B

    Spent the entire video smiling like a little boy!! THIS WAS GENUINELY FUN TO WATCH!! Most fun I've had in a while watching a video...