The Samsung Smartphone Scandal: Explained

This is what you need to know about the SamsunG GOS Scandal and what it means for your next phone! Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Time to make these thermal tests a key part of our reviews from now on!

  • lilroxie therichwoodkid
    lilroxie therichwoodkid

    There’s something that needs to be said from this… I would prefer that everyone needs to have a certain level of transparency when showing the next gen chips… Essentially for me all day battery life compared w less time near a wall outlet is what I really need… Forget thinness of the phones… larger more thicker phones w a good amount of efficiency and good battery savings paired a good durable housing and easily replaceable parts is key to me getting my phone moving forward…. Another great quality video Arun… Cheers

  • FaerieDust

    As mentioned in the video, I wish manufacturers would shift focus from constantly increasing the power of the chips, to improving them in other ways. Stuff like better power efficiency would be an upgrade consumers would actually benefit from to a much larger extent.

  • Elephant

    You would need a radiator and a fan to sustain even a 5 watt CPU at peak performance. But you can run it at peak for about 5 minutes, and then slow it down before the temperature goes too high and voila you don't need a fan. 5 min or less is enough for most users to complete whatever task, OR they may only need top performance for little short bursts even if they use their phones for hours... unless it's a video game.

  • boli milda
    boli milda

    hope manufacturers start focusing on the cooling and battery side of things more.

  • Francisco Maldonado
    Francisco Maldonado

    Thing is this has been going on for years, meaning that last year's phone were also limited in performance. The actual performance the users see is improved from the throttled down phones of years past.

  • Ajay Puri
    Ajay Puri

    Hi. I must again say you speak wonderfully! I have been using computers for 40 years now and I have seen all the chip manufacturers lie about the max performance - especially with laptops. If you look at desktops it is not so bad as whenever I am using my desktop (currently on a 5950X AMD) it is shown as running 4.7 to 4.8 GHz in Windows Task Manager all cores and I like it as the base core speed is quite low of 3.4GHz. However, the so called 4 core HP Laptop I have bought which houses an Intel i7-1195G7 (up to 5.0 GHz as per specs) I am just able to get over 3GHz even with power performance in a AC power on state. Interestingly this so called 5GHz CPU when I look at the base in Windows Task Manager it is of 1.8GHz! Here the laptop manufacturer perhaps having the blessings of Intel is clearly lying. Maybe to realize the full speed the machine will need to be double in size and that is not practical but why the misleading advertising!! They are just making fools of us end users. I have seen this before in my previous laptops, so the sinister practice is very much on and now the mobile companies have come to the party. Cheers!!

  • Mon Fx
    Mon Fx

    Even though you've named this video as if it's only samsung's scandal, I'm glad you mentioned other companies being in the wrong here. And that we need to be vigilant to keep them from lying to us. Next step would be to take charts from a presentation with at least a grain of salt. Especially since independant reviews are now coming in to show how straight-up false they are.

  • fmadden71

    Honestly, this is why people like me watch people like you, about stuff like this. In other words, I don't believe what the manufactures have to say, and people like you help give the real specs. Thanks!

  • Bilal Mustafa
    Bilal Mustafa

    Yes, being a tech guy I know we shouldn't push chipsets to their max power but there must be an option like Huawei is providing "Performance Mode" for long time in their smartphones. If someone wants to use full performance they can easily enable it, otherwise use it as best between performance and efficiency as well as reliable for battery and temperature.

  • Fahad Pall
    Fahad Pall

    Thanks for bringing this up. I always wondered on this; on benchmarking scores and the actually performance of the device during stressful gaming.

  • TechScout

    Although I agree with every thing in the video, I think most people donˋt need to upgrade their phone every year. Keep in mind, that our planet wonˋt do this long, especially, when theirˋs almost no chance to recover the resources.

  • michel kasday
    michel kasday4 ساعات قبل

    This is why I am questioning why some devices (flagships from a few years ago that have more RAM then new devices) are not being updated when obviously the newer CPUs need to be throttled to save battery or prevent overheating. Wouldn't the older and newer devices be effectively the same? I think that's the real scandal. I'm not an apple fan but I can appreciate apple trying to update devices that are long long past their time just because they have enough RAM to accept the highest OS that will 'effectively and efficiently fit' the device. Samsung is missing the boat on this one. I think they (Samsung) should let the end user decide if they want to receive the latest OS update with the caviot that updates outside the planned life span may not perform as fast as new devices.

  • Intense Gaming
    Intense Gaming

    It would've been useful if big influencers like you covered the issues on S22 Ultra for eg audio video delay so that Samsung finally does something to fix it quick. On the flip side nice video as always!!

  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide

    I think more than anything this highlights how much these latest ARM processors are kinda wasted on smartphones, the chips are amazing but the form-factor is limited. I wish other form factors like a variety of tablets or ARM laptops become more common much sooner.

  • Hermodice112
    Hermodice1124 ساعات قبل

    The fact that they are artificially limited the performance of these chips is not really a problem, at the end of the day we use these phones with upgraded chips and are pretty impressed by the results. Since every phone manufacturer is doing this in some capacity, the general smartphone market just has the wrong idea of how advertised specs manifest themselves in practical performance. Even if your phone is using 50% of the chip's power, that's still better performance than 50% of last year's chip. The problem is that the advertisement is based on the full potential, and since not every manufacturer is limiting their performance by the exact same amount, theoretical comparisons between phones according to their specs mean absolutely nothing, and for the average consumer who has to make their decision on paper, this is the real problem.

  • Sertom Gaming
    Sertom Gaming

    I thought all manufacturers has been doing this ever since! Camera, hardware, and software optimizations. Too bad for Samsung, it's the only one getting hit big time! 😅

  • DS9Sisko

    Wait. Didn’t Apple’s performance optimization affect the entire OS and all applications thus baselining all affected phones and apps as opposed to Samsung and the other makers basically “cheating” by exempting benchmarking apps/protocols? In other words, since Apple was throttling performance for everything z9as an omission of information), they weren’t doing leveraging or literally gaming the system to score higher marks. Is it then fair to lump them in with the rest?

  • Travis Kressin
    Travis Kressin

    All things I already knew, but set out in a very entertaining and informative manner. The only point I would contend is that a chip running at under max performance also runs more efficiently. A chip with a 30% performance boost can run sometimes significantly more efficiently than the previous generation chip at the same level, especially when the manufacturing process is improved between generations.

  • TA Music
    TA Music

    For me one of the most important things in a phone is battery life - I’m not that interested in slightly higher peak performance that’s only gonna drain my phone anyway. However I do agree that Samsung shouldn’t have hidden this feature from their users and used it to manipulate their customers…