17 WILDEST Inventions you won't believe are REAL.

17 of the Wildest Tech Inventions and Gadgets in 2022!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What should be the theme of our NEXT inventions video? 🤔

  • M S K OO7
    M S K OO7

    I'm always impressed when you pick a theme for a video and just completely double down and make it so mesmerizing. Huge respect to you and your team 🙌

  • solehin bruhh
    solehin bruhh

    I love how Arun always put a lot of effort in his videos so that he can entertain us. Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down just hit different now

  • Lcoq19

    Mr.WTB always delivers on these video titles, sans clickbait! So much respect for the entertainment and mind-blowing things you bring to my attention! 😊 congrats on 10 mil! You've earned it!

  • Lucky Maheshwari
    Lucky Maheshwari

    The satisfaction watching your videos is ..... unmeasurable !!

  • Timothy Hansen
    Timothy Hansen

    #8: Yeah, that's a GREAT idea. I'm sure there's NO WAY people will try out the zoom feature WHILE THEY'RE DRIVING to try & see road signs a bit easier, only to then crash because they're responding to what they think is happening around them. Granted, if you were to combine this with the one before it about the night vision glasses & instead of winking you squinted to activate the zoom feature only for it to reset when you've relaxed your eyes for about 15 seconds, that might help with things like finding addresses at night - the bane of every "rideshare" driver, cab driver, & delivery driver's existence.

  • iter8

    Unique content, as always! Thank you for this video Arun. The last one did really blew off my mind for the things that we could do with the neuro link app. + The night vision things. Absolutely crazy.

  • Lost Child
    Lost Child

    Arun: Talks about humans ending the most dangerous disease to exist

  • julie mignard
    julie mignard

    I first wished for a room size bubble in 1972. I am so pleased to see someone has finally gotten around to developing it. Thanks

  • Sue Brown
    Sue Brown

    Thank you, Arun. I really enjoyed that. Arsac and Neuralink were my favourite items. Both major game changers for the world!

  • Sajid Sahib
    Sajid Sahib

    Great content as always and love the upgrades in your setup. Keep it up

  • Pushpendra Marathe
    Pushpendra Marathe

    The only tech channel who always brings some new tech to look out for. Very big fan of Arun. Superb work. You are 👌🏼 awesomeee

  • Daniel Graf
    Daniel Graf

    Imagine working your whole life discovering ancient Mayan civilisations just for a British guy in an Indiana jones costume to rate your discovery 4/10 😂😂

  • C M.
    C M.

    Wildfires don't really destroy the land the plants on the other hand are toast. I Love your videos and I applaud the time and effort you and your crew put into making them. Thank you.

  • Gameplay Hub
    Gameplay Hub

    The production quality of this video is crazy good.

  • สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า
    สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า

    How can someone be so professional, smart and funny at the same time. Your videos are really far advanced than others. Huge respect

  • Transformative Meta-Optical Systems
    Transformative Meta-Optical Systems

    Hi Arun - Thanks for including our research on night vision glasses. So cool to be featured on your channel :)

  • The Crafty Cyborg
    The Crafty Cyborg

    The milk fabric thing has existed for over a decade. I’m a spinner (turn fiber into yarn) and have been easily finding and buying milk silk for at least 10 years. It’s insanely soft and comfortable. For someone with sensory issues, it’s pure heaven, right up next to modal.

  • Manchester Tech Guy
    Manchester Tech Guy

    This has now become one of my favourite tech channels, nicely done Arun and the team.

  • Mike Law
    Mike Law

    I think I have now binge watched this entire channel… I have been an iOS convert since the last 14 years and cannot see myself being dissuaded, however, many other of the tech items I have seen in these videos have made their way onto my online shopping “wish lists” 🤣