POCO X4 Pro Review - $250 iPhone Destroyer?

Unboxing and Review of the POCO X4 Pro, the best budget phone in 2022, including Camera test, battery life, and price, but then also the sneaky ways that POCO manages to make their phones so cheap! Subscribe so we can hit 10 million! 🥳
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    You guys asked for budget phone reviews - here's quite possibly the best budget phone I've EVER seen...but....there are some hidden caveats 🤔

  • TechFanatic

    The IR blaster is such a lifesaver. I went on vacation in morocco, and it was very hot in the hotel. A lot of times they remove the AC remote on purpose so you can not turn it on (to save on energy costs) All i had to do was search the brand's remote in playstore, and i could turn the AC on, slept very well those nights. Also there have been numerous times where i have lost a remote, and the Poco x3 saved me.

  • Marwan Mahdy
    Marwan Mahdy

    I have the M3 as my work phone. Its battery is still the best I have ever came across. And it does its job just fine, no fancy extras. This is imo what a budget phone should be like. This X4 looks like a good bang for the buck as well. Getting nearly 70% of flagship experience with 25% of the price is just worth every penny.

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah

    This is the best phone review I have ever ever seen, like you just explained everything that a normal person needs to know without being mislead and neither disappointed! Great work dude!!

  • Martin Kruger
    Martin Kruger

    Great review, thanks. The problem I have with ALL the budget phones are not their performances, but the lack of OIS on the camera. The camera is a vital part I use daily and needs to be great. Unfortunately the lack of OIS limits the camera.

  • Chris De Vera
    Chris De Vera

    My Poco F2 Pro still performs flawlessly. The only reason I'd want to replace it is because it's a 128gb model. Definitely eyeing this X4 model but the camera seems like a big downgrade from the F2 Pro

  • Hasan Kazmi
    Hasan Kazmi

    This phone is the craziest deal I've ever got on a phone

  • Crackers269

    Honestly for someone who buys a poco x4 phone I think they know what they're doing. Poco is not a huge brand like Samsung and even if it is a sub brand of the massive Xiaomi, non tech savvy people will not know they're the same. I think this phone is more geared to those who want value on a budget and when you're on that budget, the problems of bloatware, software and mediocre camera just don't matter. I would say it's a perfect budget phone.

  • Petr Stuchlý
    Petr Stuchlý

    To be fair I'm still positively impressed with this phone based on this review given the price point. There are budget phones out there not much cheaper than this that still have a 720p display. I keep waiting for the extinction of 720p screens on smartphones and it seems like enough people don't care enough to not make this business strategy viable, but putting a 720 screen on a smartphone in 2022 honestly feels like a cardinal sin of phone design and with the Poco the screen seems to be the best thing about the phone, which is really nice, because that's the part of the phone you're going to be interacting with the most.

  • Robin Bickel
    Robin Bickel

    One thing about this phone that's not obvious is that it has a pretty dramatic hardware downgrade from the X3 Pro. The X4 Pro's CPU and GPU are both a couple generations lower than the X3's, so basically they swapped speed and power for display.

  • awakenedCrowl

    If the only cut corners here are the camera and non-true 5G, but not the power or screen, then this phone looks like a mighty nice deal I want to keep an eye on!

  • B3RN92

    What I like about Poco is that they allow you to unlock the bootloader from there you can install a custom ROM it makes the phone so much better, but some might say why buy a phone to change the software? because you can get much better performance by installing stock Android over MIUI! While having a pretty decent phone for the price.

  • lamine Aim
    lamine Aim

    Honestly one of the rarest youtuber that takes the tech presentation to the next level keep up the good work man !

  • Luka Kerin
    Luka Kerin

    I'm using Poco F3 for a year now and I never regretted buying it. The specs and experience I have for 350€ is absolutely worth taking 5mins to disable the adds and remove preinstalled apps

  • GN

    I love how every time you handle the devices with care. Man, you really don't take things for granted, like other reviewers. You have my utmost respect.

  • Gary 1
    Gary 1

    I've always been a Samsung guy, recently went to upgrade to S22 and I saw the price of it and thought I can't justify that price. Anyway I went into a phone shop for my wife to upgrade her phone and I saw the Xiaomi 11T Pro and was surprised how good it was for the price so I decided to get the phone 4 weeks on I love it the charging time is amazing, the camera is excellent and it's half the price of the S22. My wife got the iPhone 13 costing her £54 pounds a month and she still has to pay monthly for extra storage.

  • BebéTechManiac 2018
    BebéTechManiac 2018

    For that price no one should be expecting perfect pictures, changing the camera app and using RAW can help to get decent images. If the calls works good, the sound is clear, internet and gaming works good, the phone will be good enough for most that are clear of what to expect. The bands are very important, and most people are not checking that. In a cheap phone a lot of bands are skipped. Is good to know all the frequencies or bands of the carrier, you can easily find which phone supports then using GSMArena phone finder.

  • Jahangir Chowdhury
    Jahangir Chowdhury

    Recently I've been thinking of replacing my Redmi Note 5. Arun has given me a very viable option. Will definitely look into this.

  • StingrayC267

    I have the predecessor of this phone, and it's a good solid smartphone. This upgrade is worth it if you're looking for a good budget phone.

  • Lilsweeny

    Been using the X3 since launch and i have no complaints!