My Health is starting to Suffer

Can I get into the best shape of my life in the next 3 months?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Thank you for such an incredible amount of support over the years - Can't wait make some changes ❤

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Unfortunately once your in the social media business its a bit of addiction striving to do better and obviously you've got to keep a balance. Looking forward to seeing if the changes make a difference. Good luck!

  • Yes

    I love how instead of making this a negative thought he was able to turn it into a positive one where you can change and learn instead of simply saying I need a break

  • Jeremy Judkins
    Jeremy Judkins

    Please don't forget that it's both your mind and body that need care. Sure, weight gain is the physically noticeable aspect of pushing yourself too hard on AReye. But mental fatigue looks way worse. Panic attacks, anxiety, trips to the ER, etc. You should limit yourself to a certain amount of hours per week. Set boundaries, give yourself days off every week. Completely disconnect.

  • Ashley Raboy
    Ashley Raboy

    Hi Arun, thank you for being open and sharing the difficulty in being a perfectionist and providing the best youtubes in a enthralling manner, at the cost of health....and bringing this to light. At the same time, you have provided us with solutions and possible ways to reset our bodies and minds, with use of various techniques that will become habits and the use of technologies, that you will be testing to see what works and what doesn't. Sharing your journey:-) Ashley

  • Alexis Breytenbach
    Alexis Breytenbach

    I’m in! I started online school for numerous reasons about a year ago and while it has really been a blessing in more ways than not, other parts of my life have started to suffer. Where I may not have the major mental health problems I had due to the social aspect of school, I have started suffering from burnout due to the simple fact that working in my bedroom makes it more difficult to get into a “home” mood, and while working, my productivity also suffers because of not having a dedicated “focus” workspace. Adding that to an increasing amount of work load, it’s no surprise that I struggled to get everything done, but since the semester is coming to an end and we have mid-year break coming up, I am going to make an effort to start creating mindfulness habits and creating a dedicated work - time which I must stick to if I want to get everything done, instead of just merging my life with my work and leaving no time for myself. I am going to start doing yoga, go for walks and make actual meals instead of just living off ramen and grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Navarre Marshall
    Navarre Marshall

    Good for you man! I went through a big change 4ish years ago with similar goals in mind. It completely changed my life and I'm eternally grating for it. I wish you and everyone else the best

  • Paulo Nvula
    Paulo Nvula

    The part where you said "accelerating the aging process" hit me! I went for years having poor sleep and not drinking enough water and that did a lot to me. Not afraid to grow old but no need to rush for it. Sleep, rest (resting is different to sleeping), take a break and most importantly, drink water. Good luck on your journey and thanks for your time for this video.

  • JT-Enderdragon

    I'm going to be honest.. no matter what you post, I will always watch all the way through, I find you interesting, as a person, not just what you feature, I have such high respect for you man, please take breaks every now and again, even if they're a week long, we are your real fans, we understand, you're only human, love you man and I hope you get better soon 🙏❤️🤝

  • Jona Cosyns
    Jona Cosyns

    keep it up bro, remember. It's not about motivation or anything else, it's about consistency. Consistency is key!

  • Sparky !
    Sparky !

    That is all rather ambitious, good on ya!

  • Andy Lim
    Andy Lim

    Wow I just saw this and I'm encouraged to make changes in my life too! Haven't thought out the areas I want to improve but definitely weight loss, exercise, water, sleep: many of what you intend to achieve. Let's do it then! Thank you for inspiring me! Wish you success and better health by 31st August!

  • MrUnknown

    I never thought I'd sit down and watch a mrwhosetheboss video so seriously.

  • pbilk1
    pbilk12 ساعات قبل

    Many great points! I am seriously making similar changes in my life about 2 weeks ago. I have been trying to make changes for about 2 months with some progress besides that I have been biking to most of my errands and shopping trips.

  • Brandon Fernando
    Brandon Fernando

    Thank you for making this, you’re such an inspiration. Can’t wait to see your progress in august

  • LODintheshadows

    The last few months I've been doing most of this, walking 10k steps at least a day, drinking more water, exercising. Managed to drop about 8kg so far, so jow just got to push through the wall. Good luck to you in your journey too

  • Carter Washington
    Carter Washington

    I am so sorry for what is happening through these rough years of Covid. You can always take a break. Fell better soon!😄

  • Dave Carroll
    Dave Carroll

    You acknowledge you are suffering because you are such a perfectionist. However, it's ironic that a video like this still has such high production standards. Just let the dad-bod flow through you.

  • Chigz Tech Reviews
    Chigz Tech Reviews

    You stated everything I’m going through right now. Nothing is more important than health. Ironically, I started weights a few days ago and get in bed around 10ish. Also 10min treadmill everyday. Your video certainly motivated me to do more. Standing desk is a good idea. All the best, I know you will nail this. Hoping to do the same. 👍

  • Pelago _
    Pelago _

    Even with a health risk you’re not only making a positive out of it but you’re also making content out of it. You are truely a hustler.