14 Products that give you REAL SUPERPOWERS.

14 Real life Superhero Abilities that are actually possible thanks to Tech! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunapril
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Who's your favourite superhero? 🧐

  • Zyvlus

    Being totally honest, this videos are really well edited. props to the editor and arun for making these vids possible!

  • Grey Tiger
    Grey Tiger

    Great video as always, but I wish you would showcase inventions that are already out and you can buy or at least have working prototypes. We live in a hype age with a lot of products that never get past the website stage.

  • Eli Karrick
    Eli Karrick

    I tried Huel a year ago but struggled with the texture a lot. I hope they come out with a smoother mix in the future; something more powdery than grainy. It was pretty nice other than that, tho; but now that I think about it, I did have to be careful what else I ate other than the shakes, as sometimes the shake on an empty stomach would make me a little queasy.

  • BXu

    The telekinesis part, if only we can turn that into a virtual reality full body experience with brainwaves of our body movements instead of visual controls, that would be kind of cool!

  • tasdourian

    Love that he is spending more time on each individual invention! Definitely more fun to watch!

  • Rashid Hussein
    Rashid Hussein

    2002: Don't sit near the TV

  • Katherine

    Arun has always been a true AReye Superhero. He has some of the best content here and his editing is at the top.

  • Emmanuel Akinleye
    Emmanuel Akinleye

    Am I the only one that feels like Arun went from being somewhat gloomy in 2020 and being overly hyperactive now🤔

  • YourLocalMonsterHunter

    “This is such a thrill, two full loads right in the face.”

  • Arin Sauls
    Arin Sauls21 أيام قبل

    Always love your cool transitions. I know you said they take forever to do, but we all enjoy them and it keeps things more entertaining for us than the same old background.

  • MadKnac

    Hey Super-Arun, this was so much fun! You're doing such creative content!!

  • Hugo Gushiken
    Hugo Gushiken

    Hey Man. Just a correction : radio waves and x-ray waves they're different, have different wavelength. X-ray needs a lot of energy to pass-through walls.


    It is funny how almost all of these devices that are framed here in the super hero angle are also extremely concerning moral questions, i mean seriously, genetic engineering, connected nanobots and surveillance system that can see through walls is the backbone of every scifi evil dystopian empire. I am not against technological progress but we must be very careful to not let the genie ot of the box, because as much as i like playing it, i dont want to live in shadowrun.

  • Athreya B N
    Athreya B N

    Every video and its content is dope 🔥🔥🔥

  • 10K Tezla
    10K Tezla

    Arun: More muscles isnt always a good thing

  • StimOLego

    This man is a literal fire hose. He is just constantly pumping out super entertaining content!

  • TheWanderingPrince

    "Two full loads right in the face" - Arun 2022.

  • Anweshan Roy Chowdhury
    Anweshan Roy Chowdhury

    I need invention number 12 to come out (as Arun pointed out its "educational" advantage).

  • Zazzon 1
    Zazzon 1

    This list of devices is exactly like the devices we used before having a phone. Radio, telephone, tv, camera which we transformed in one single phone. I think in the future all this stuff will evolve and will be made more compact to stay in one little machine that will stay in our body making our life easier . Love ur content!